Match Review: Leicester City 0-0 Oldham Athletic

“Shocking scenes. How did we not win that? They had the mascot for Pukka Pies in goal!”

It was once rumoured that the great Martin O’Neil was interested in signing Dean Windass. The veteran striker is just one short of 200 league goals but last night he kept his first clean sheet. Matty Fryatt clearly let the situation get the better of him. The delay between the award of the penalty hand the strike itself gave English football’s top scorer far too much time to think about it. There’s no doubt Windass played his part too, all credit to him.

Here are some interesting numbers…

4 – The number of players dismissed in matches against Leicester this season. Stockport, Millwall, Huddersfield and Oldham have been reduced to 10, Leicester have yet to see a single player see red.

0 – Leicester City have yet to win a game at 17:20. The Foxes just can’t seem to adjust to tea time kick-offs. They’ve scored only twice in five matches which have kicked off late for Sky’s Saturday night football.

197 – The number of minutes since a goal was scored at the Walkers Stadium. There have been 38 goals in 16 league matches at the Walkers this season, an average on 2.375 per game. This is better than life at Southend where matches average just two goals a game. But by far and away the most entertaining place in League One to watch football this season has been Victoria Park – 3.8 goals a game are scored there.

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