The End of the Pearson Era?

There are rumours all over the internet regarding the future of Nigel Pearson and a possible move to Hull City.

Throughout the day the reaction has mimicked the Kübler-Ross model; denial (“Hull City are broke!”, “Leicester are a bigger club” etc.), anger (I’ve seen two Judas posts on Twitter already), bargaining (at least, we hope some of this is going on behind the scenes…), depression (“Oh God, John Gregory is going to apply for the job again isn’t he!?”) and finally, acceptance.

Well we’re not quite at acceptance yet, but reading the runes of the days reporting does not look good. Leicester have neither confirmed nor denied the reports, which usually means there is at least a modicum of truth behind the reports.

I’d certainly group myself with other fans who see this as a strange sideways move, if not a step down for Pearson in his managerial career if indeed it does come to pass. But neither City or Hull will have much if any money to spend in the summer, and if personal relations between the Chairman and Nigel Pearson really have broken down, then the move doesn’t seem as strange in that context.

However if anyone wants some straws to grasp at if not exactly clutch, here’s another way today could be panning out. We know Pearson, whose contract is due to expire next year, has been negotiating a new deal for some time. It’s not beyond the realms of possibility that Nigel is looking at his options elsewhere in order to get an improved deal at the Walkers. Only today the Leicester Mercury published a gushing piece on just how good Steve Walsh, City’s head of recruitment, has been at unearthing new talent in the free transfer and loan markets, the timing of which seems just a little too perfect. If this is a play to get Pearson and his backroom staff an improved deal you’d have to admire the chutzpah – we’re all buying it.

We’ll find out one way or the other soon enough.

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