My Question for Paulo Sousa

As anyone who has listened to BBC Radio Leicester over the last week will surely be aware, Paulo Sousa will be appearing on the Football Forum tonight. You’ll be able to listen to it on the BBC Leicester website from 6 p.m.

Since I’ll be on a train when the Football Forum is broadcast I thought I’d post a question online in the hope it might be read out. Regardless of whether it actually does, I’m looking forward to hearing from the man himself. It should be a very interesting hour.

My question:

Paulo, much has been made of the playing style of the two sides you have managed in England thus far. I want to ask you about the approach you take when your side is in the lead.

During your spell at QPR the side dropped 9 points from winning positions. Likewise at Swansea last season the team dropped 18 points after leading in league games. In addition, 8 of the 37 goals Swansea conceded last term came in the last five minutes.

Over the coming weeks and months I’m looking forward to seeing Leicester create plenty of chances and score goals. After watching the second half performance at Crystal Palace I’m confident we have the players to do just that.

But how will Leicester approach the game after taking the lead? Will Leicester under your management attempt to hold what they have, or will we try to put teams to the sword?

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