Wasted Chances

This season Leicester City have hit 111 attempts on goal, their opponents have attempted 61.

This season Leicester City have scored 6 goals, their opponents have scored 12.

It’s no stretch to say that these numbers make for depressing reading, and whilst City can point to some mitigating factors such as disallowed goals (Middlesbrough, Reading) and penalty appeals (QPR) the truth is the Foxes need to shape up in front of goal.

At the moment this looking all too like Swansea’s failing frontline of 2009/10. Last season the Swans made 523 attempts on goal and scored just 40 goals (a chance conversion rate of 7.65%). Let’s be generous and pretend the two aforementioned disallowed goals counted, and go further to say that City slotted in a penalty today too. If we did that City’s chance conversion rate this season would be 7.89%. In reality, it’s 5.26%.

To put it another way, City are creating 20 chances for every goal they score. By contrast QPR are scoring one goal for every five chances they make.

At the back there is better news to report. Despite the goals conceded, City are restricting their opponents to fewer opportunities than last season. In 09/10 there were on average 12 attempts on the Leicester goal in each match. This season there have been 8.7.

City’s opponents have been ruthless in front of goal this season, but that can’t last forever. Last season the average chance conversion rate in the Championship was 11%. So far this season Leicester’s opponents have scored with 19.6% of attempts on goal.

So to get the job done City need to find a front line that works. There’s enough talent in the squad to put one together and the Carling Cup tie at Pompey offers the perfect opportunity to experiment. Portsmouth are converting just 2.29% of their chances at the moment…

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One Response to Wasted Chances

  1. Joel Murray says:

    Excellent stuff, spot on to what our problem has been. It isn’t poor performances, it’s a lack of converting chances and, not conceding too much, but that our opposition is scoring more than they should!

    Luck (although I don’t believe in it) must even out at some point…playing Waghorn in the middle would help too!

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