When has it been worse?

After the 6-1 thumping at Fratton Park, it felt like City couldn’t get much lower. After a brief scan of the record books, it turns out they have.

Below is a list of league matches in the post-war era in which the Foxes have gone down by six goals or more. All happened on the road and led to what were presumably very quiet homeward journeys…

09/05/1993 – Newcastle United – L1-7

29/09/1990 – Middlesbrough – L0-6

30/11/1968 – Everton – L1-7

11/11/1967 – Manchester City – L0-6

13/03/1965 – West Bromwich Albion – L0-6

07/03/1959 – Tottenham Hotspur – L0-6

03/09/1955 – Lincoln City – L1-7

02/01/1954 – Leeds United – L1-7

23/10/1948 – Southampton – L0-6

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3 Responses to When has it been worse?

  1. Harry Harnden says:

    i think you might have missed out ipswich 6-1 leicester in 2003?

  2. foxblogger says:

    I should clarify, these are matches in which the Foxes lost by a margin of six goals. Apologies for any confusion.

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