Sousa Out

It is the timing more than anything else which makes today’s announcement that Leicester City have parted company with Paulo Sousa so odd.

Already stories are flying around the net that Martin O’Neil and Sven-Göran Eriksson (Sven!?) have been approached about the job. The suspicion has to be that a deal involving whoever the club is in discussions with has already been established in broad terms and the details are to be finalised quickly. Otherwise, why make this decision today?

It is all well and good speculating a manager has one game to save his job, but what if he actually wins it? If a new boss is all but appointed, why risk the current one actually getting a result?

If, as seems likely, a new appointment is made early next week, this will have been a shabby and disrespectful end to the Paulo Sousa era. Despite his record, I feel genuinely sorry for the guy and suspect he will go on to prove himself a very decent manager elsewhere.

Whoever gets the job I wish them the best of luck. If Paulo’s marker is anything to go by, they’ll have nine league matches to turn Leicester’s season around…

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