Are City Fit?

Throughout the season there has been much debate about whether City’s pre-season left them lacking in fitness ahead of the Championship campaign. The debate rose again after City controlled the first half against Hull, only to surrender the lead in the second. When framed in the context of the nervous twenty minute spell at home to Scunthorpe and the complete collapse at Pompey, it’s easy to see why this argument starts to look convincing.

But those who continue to persist with this criticism need to answer the following questions;

  • Why have Leicester scored only three goals in the first half of matches, but 11 in the second?
  • Why do City have a positive goal difference in the last 25 minutes of league matches?
  • How to we explain the second half comebacks against Coventry and Cardiff, or indeed the League Cup win at Leeds? Are these teams even less fit? If so, why are they all ahead of City in the league table?

When asked if fitness was a contributing factor Saturday’s result Sven wisely commented “I don’t know if it is a fitness issue yet, I will look at that.”

I suspect the answer to City’s problems on the pitch will be more substantial than a few more laps around Bradgate Park next summer.

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