Podcast: Foxes Trust Register Complaint to Football League

In a special edition of The Foxblogger Podcast Ian Bason, Chairman of the Foxes Trust, outlines the complaint which has been made to the Football League regarding the release of information about Leicester City’s new owners.

You can read the Trust’s statement here.

The Podcast is available now in iTunes or you can download it directly here. You can also subscribe to the Podcast by using the following feed – http://foxblogger.libsyn.com/rss

If you’d like to be part of show, please get in touch with a comment in the blog or via Twitter. You can also leave your comments at any time by using the Podcast voicemail. Call 020 8144 3333 and the best messages about all things Leicester City will be played out during the show.

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5 Responses to Podcast: Foxes Trust Register Complaint to Football League

  1. tokyofox says:

    Enjoying the podcasts. Keep ’em coming as its great for us foxiles (well, it is for me!) to get any comment and opinion about the City. Of course there are ways of getting much more but subscribing to your podcast is far simpler. Thanks a lot and keep up the good work.

    • foxblogger says:

      Thanks. Don’t know if you would be interested but I’m thinking of doing a Foxes Abroad podcast at some point. See how people keep up with the City around the world. Let me know if you’d like to take part.

      • tokyofox says:

        well I could be interested but it all really depends on what level of knowledge you are looking for a from a foxile. It’s fair to say that my interest has waned quite a bit in the 6 or 7 years I’ve been in Japan so I would find it hard to say too much on the present team or those of recent years. Let me know what you’re looking for as I am initially interested

      • foxblogger says:

        Well, I’m hoping to talk to fans about when and why they started supporting the club, how they keep in touch with what’s going on, if they ever get to come back and see City, if anyone they know in the country they are in has heard of Leicester City…that sort of thing.

  2. tokyofox says:

    Let me know then if you’re still interested. I can tell you now that no-one seems to know of Leicester City here in Japan despite the signing of Yuki Abe (or Abe Yuki as they prefer to say here). People know him and perhaps know that he’s now playing in England but they don’t seem to know that he plays for us!!

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