2011 Statbook

The Foxblogger 2011 Statbook is a unique look back on a year of hope, expectation, setbacks and frustration.

It has been compiled from hundreds of hours of research into the facts and figures that defined Leicester City’s year.

The Statbook has three main parts;

  • 2011 Diary – key facts about every competitive Leicester City game played in 2011
  • 2011 Results – every result, every scorer, usefully plotted with Leicester’s points total and league position
  • 2011 Data – appearance data for every Leicester City player, complete with data showing how well the team performed when each player started a league match

The Foxblogger 2011 Statbook is available on a pay what you like model. You can choose to pay nothing, but if you enjoy the Statbook and want to make a contribution you can do so by using the donate link below.

To download the Foxblogger 2011 Statbook click here.

To make a contribution click here.

Enjoy the Statbook!


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