Who watches Leicester?

When Leicester are on the telly who bothers to watch? Below are the viewing figures for the last 10 Leicester matches broadcast on live TV in the UK. The numbers don’t lend themselves to a particular narrative, but I think they’re interesting nonetheless.

Ipswich Town 3-0 Leicester City  – Sky Sports 2 – 418,000
(Saturday 18th December 2010)

Leicester City 1-0 Nottingham Forest – Sky Sports 2 – 218,000
(Monday 29th November 2010)

Portsmouth 6-1 Leicester City – Sky Sports 3 – 222,000
(Friday 24th September 2010)

Leicester City 1-2 Reading – Sky Sports 2 – 157,000
(Saturday 28th August 2010)

Cardiff City 2-3 Leicester City – Sky Sports 1 – 513,000
(Wednesday 12th May 2010)

Leicester City 0-1 Cardiff City – Sky Sports 1 – 515,000
(Sunday 9th May 2010)

West Bromwich Albion 3-0 Leicester City – Sky Sports 1 – 456,000
(Friday 2nd April 2010)

Leicester City 2-2 Coventry City – BBC2 – Did not register in Top 30 programmes of the week. Less than 1.84m.
(Sunday 21st March 2010)

Leicester City 0-0 Newcastle – Sky Sports 1 – 605,000
(Saturday 30th January 2010)

Leicester City 1-1 Ipswich – Sky Sports 1 – 776,000
(Sunday 10th January 2010)

Audience figures are taken from BARB.

N.B. The figures for ESPN’s coverage of the FA Cup tie against Manchester City are not yet available.

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3 Responses to Who watches Leicester?

  1. Jonathan Chapman says:

    How about adding the attendance figures and the applicable
    ratio to the number of TV viewers? Not sure if this gives an
    interesting twist to the figures?

    • foxblogger says:

      That’s a good idea. I’ll give it a go.

      • tokyofox says:

        interesting stuff. I’ve never had any idea how many people watch any games on sky let alone the championship ones. shame there is no record for the bbc game vs coventry. i’d guess that was the biggest just for the fact that it was on terrestrial tv

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