The Hope Index

Like many other years, following Leicester City this season has involved enduring a rollercoaster of emotions. Foxes fans have suffered the despair of the first nine matches of the campaign, and the new hope under Sven. They’ve been frustrated by City’s inability to win away despite impressive home form, then brimmed with expectation following the blistering start to 2011. But just as soon as some fans were penciling a trip to Wembley into their diaries, City began to falter.

The table above charts these leaps and dips of the 2010/11 season, showing the distance between Leicester and 6th place. We can learn a few things from this chart;

  • The Foxes are the same number of points from the playoffs as they were on 13th November.
  • On just one occasion have Leicester been less than 3 points from 6th place (and that was by virtue of playing on a Friday night.)
  • Under Sven, the gap between City and the playoffs has closed by 4 points.
  • Leicester have taken five points from a possible 21 in their last seven fixtures, but the gap between City and the playoffs has only been extended by one point.

Of course with Reading hosting Preston tonight the gap could widen further. But if nothing else the table shows what a ride it has been so far. With seven games remaining it’s likely we’ll see just a few more ups and downs before the season is put to bed. In the tradition of the club lets hope for the best, but be prepared for the worst.

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