Match Preview – Doncaster Rovers vs Leicester City

Many fans have speculated as to the key turning point in Leicester’s season. From the appointment of Sven to the introduction of Ricardo, most have an opinion on where it all went right/wrong (delete as applicable to your view). For Doncaster Rovers, the downward trajectory from what had looked like a promising season came in a home encounter with Swansea City in late November. A stoppage time equaliser from the Swans prevented Rovers from climbing to 5th. That late Angel Rangel strike was one of 14 league goals Doncaster have conceded in the final five minutes this season, and since that day Sean O’ Driscoll’s men have all but fallen to pieces.

Rovers have taken an average of just 0.74 points per game in 2011, the lowest average in the division. It is likely that their good start to the campaign will be save Doncaster from relegation. In 23 league games this year Rovers have failed to score in 10. Doncaster are without a win in 10, and without a win at home in eight.

Perhaps Rovers have lacked bite in the second half of the season, their card count includes only 46 yellows, the fewest in the division. Though of course a goals against tally of 77 tells its own story. Whatever it is, the manager will have to reverse what already looks like a very worrying trend in time for the start of next season.

Sven, meanwhile, must be licking his lips. Not only should his fragile defence not have to worry too much about the threat from Rovers, his own charges are have been firing in the goals of late. The Foxes have taken only four points from their last four away fixtures, but it is easy to forget that City have scored nine times in those matches (more than Doncaster have managed at home this calendar year). Rovers, who have just three wins to their name in 2011, will be the side under pressure. The Foxes could make it a very miserable afternoon indeed.

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