Podcast: Leicester City Season Preview with Ian Stringer

The Foxblogger Podcast is back for a new season, bigger and better. On the show Cameron Nimmo talks about City’s 2-1 defeat to Real Madrid and Chris Adcock tells us about his trip to Sweden to see the Foxes play in the Stockholm Trophy.

Then in a wide-ranging interview BBC Radio Leicester’s Ian Stringer talks about encouraging players to speak to the media, the difficulties faced by tightening budgets in local radio and the impact Twitter has made on his reporting.

The Foxblogger Podcast will be available here every week of the season. If you don’t want to miss an episode you can subscribe to the show using iTunes or any other podcast aggregator. The link to the podcast feed is http://foxblogger.libsyn.com/rss. You can download this programme directly by clicking here.

The show is nothing without the contributions of fans, so make sure you have your say by leaving a message on our voicemail. The number to call is 020 8144 3333. Alternatively you can email the show, or send a tweet to @foxblogger. If you’d like to be one of our post-match interviewees, please get in touch.

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2 Responses to Podcast: Leicester City Season Preview with Ian Stringer

  1. tokyofox says:

    really really enjoyed this podcast. Just listened to it on my way home from work and would probably say this is the best one you’ve done (all the other ones are also fine by the way). Interesting to hear from Ian Stringer and about the tournament in Sweden and so on. Its gotta be said that anything less than promotion this season will be a huge disappointment to the owners, the fans, Sven and maybe even the players (although in this day and age you can never be too sure about the last one!). keep up the good work. as a foxile in Tokyo (as the name suggests) I rely on things like your podcast for info. of course lots on info is available but that takes effort whereas your podcast downloads automatically. anyway, I waffle on.
    p.s ever thought about getting a little musical intro/voiceover thing?

    • foxblogger says:

      Thanks very much. I’d love to get some audio intros and stings to make the podcast sound more professional but my musical ability is sadly lacking. Anyone out there fancy giving it a go?

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