Podcast: Nottingham Forest 2 Leicester City 2

Controversy and a late equaliser. Will Leicester ever win a league game at the City Ground again?

Leicester City season ticket holder Nick Holden joins Mike McCarthy to discuss ‘the incident’, a much improved Leicester City display, and the sad spectacle of racist chanting directed towards the away supporters.

Also in the show, Rish Baruah of the Nottingham Forest podcast Eighteen Sixty-Fivegives us his perspective on the match, and your tweets.

[audio http://traffic.libsyn.com/foxblogger/nottingham-forest-leicester-city-200811.mp3]

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11 Responses to Podcast: Nottingham Forest 2 Leicester City 2

  1. youuu reds says:

    nick holden you missed the point completly, youre completly clueless! the chant you used to be english was directed to leicesters thai ownership not leicesters ethnic population. learn the facts you bigoted fool!

  2. 1865 says:

    Leicester looking at things from a victim’s mentality again. No surprise there then.

    As to whether “do you think it’s acceptable have a pop at foreign players and managers too?” I do. And fat players, baldies, those with ponytails and ginger nuts. If football is too partisan and knockabout for you delicate Leicester souls can I suggest figure skating may be more a civil way to spend your Saturday afternoons?

    • foxblogger says:

      If you can’t see why a friendly dig at someone with a silly haircut is different from disparaging human beings for the accident of their birthplace I feel genuinely sorry for you.

  3. Nick Holden waffled on far to much! No a big fan of this one. Sorry Bloggger!

  4. Nick Scotney says:

    Heve to agree with the point about the 2nd yellow. I thought it was extreemly harsh and agree that he was only throwing the ball out towards the half way line. The swinging factor was what had happened in the previous 2 minutes. Plus, following the match, Kasper apparently said to the Media that “If i knew I’d have been booked the first time, I wouldn’t have done it”, implying that he knew what he was doing and knew that he would be booked for his actions no?

    With respect to the reffing decisions, that is unfortunatly the game. We’ve (Forest) had our fiar share of shit refs and shit decisions and I’m sure we’ll have many more in the future. That unfortunatly is the game and why a lack of consistant reffing and decisions needs something doing about it.

    Finally, with regards to the “Racist Chants” i think this has been looked at from totally the wrong angle. As youuu Reds said, it was aimed at your owners rather than the population of Leicester. Nottingham doesn’t exaclty consist of 1 ethnicity! I think the comments made on this podcast are OTT. I know that was a “LOCAL” Derby (although forest don’t class it as one), but if it was another club chanting that would you have the same view. The stewards in A-Block chuck the fans out for standing up and other stupid things so if there was any suggestion of Racism or Racist chanting they’d have been turfed out. I don’t think the comments in this pod cast are fair the way you’re branding our club and supporters as a bunch of Racists!

    • foxblogger says:

      Nick, I’d just like to clarify that in no way is any content in the show suggesting that all Forest fans are racist. But there was a problem this weekend and we do ourselves and the game no favours by trying to dismiss it as harmless banter.

      The chant was “you used to be England, you’re not any more”. I don’t see how it being directed at the owners rather than the Leicester fans makes it any more acceptable.

      As you say, it’s particularly boneheaded when the population of Nottingham is culturally diverse and it isn’t as if Forest fans would turn down investment in their club because the prospective owners happened to be born outside of these isles.

      • Nick Scotney says:

        Before I comment, one thing i didn;t mention in post before was that I in no way condone any type or Racism!

        I agree that it is no more acceptable, however is it acceptable for fans to sing other chants such as the “She Said No”, emplying that the person they are chanting about is a rappist? Isn’t that just as bad? I think it’s one of those subjects that is always going to cause a stir no matter whether its forest v leicester or England v Usbekistan (not sure if thats how you spell it), but how do you stop it / control it?

  5. I was at the last match when the Forest “fan” made a comment about a Leicester fan not being a p*ki. I am brown-skinned and was wearing my Forest shirt that day, and standing about five yards away from the meathead who shouted that out (who also made a Hitler salute). I reported him and his mates to a steward and they were immediately running around to try and sort it out.

  6. By the way, I was not ignoring the issue of racist chanting at the match – I share the view that it does not matter whether it was aimed at the owners or the city’s population, neither would be acceptable – but I could not make out what the chants were from my seat in the Trent End.

    Thanks to Foxblogger for inviting me to contribute to the podcast.

  7. Husky Red says:

    “You used to be English, you’re not anymore” is a criticism of foreign ownership of English clubs, no more no less. Would be the same chant for Man U, Chelsea, Blackburn, Liverpool. The point being Leicester are being bankrolled by foreign owners and have spent a year’s turnover on players so far. There is, for sure, some green eyed envy of the spending power, but thinking it is racist is missing the point entirely. The BBC journos have done features about the concerns about the foreign ownership of football clubs for goodness sake! I say this as a fully integrated member of the diverse multiracial community in Leicester.

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