Podcast: Birmingham City 2 Leicester City 0

A miserable afternoon for Leicester City was sealed by Chris Wood five minutes from time, but how much did the referee influence the outcome of the match? David Bevan, editor of The Seventy-Two, an excellent Football League blog, joins Mike McCarthy to pick over the bones of Leicester’s first away defeat of the season.

In the show David talks about the penalty decision. Here are a couple of frames from the TV coverage.

Andy King tackleHere’s Andy King’s challenge.

Andy King tackle 2And here it is a few frames later. It seems quite clear that, from the direction of travel the ball takes, King won it. On the follow-through, he catches Beausejour.

So, an injustice then, but when you listen again to the BBC commentary, it’s understandable.

<first replay>
Martin Keown: “It’s King the retrieving defender..well, does he make contact with the ball?”
Simon Brotherton: “I think he does”
<Second Replay>
MK: “We see it from this angle. Well I think he’s unfortunate there because he actually makes contact with the ball”
<Third Replay>
MK: “I think Beausejour knows exactly what he’s doing.”
SB: “I think he catches the inside of Beausejour’s foot there.”
MK: “Certainly a difficult one for the referee isn’t it…”

Only later in the game were the commentators confident enough to back the referee’s decision. Make of it what you will.

Disclaimer: I must confess at first glance I thought it was a penalty. Only now, having sat and watched it again, frame by frame, can I say for sure that it wasn’t. It’s difficult to judge Kevin Wright too harshly in the circumstances. 

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One Response to Podcast: Birmingham City 2 Leicester City 0

  1. Joe king says:

    Nice choice of selective comments, you need to report all the different versions of the debate on the penalty because in the end the overall opinion of all pundits were that it was a penalty.

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