Podcast: Hull City 2 Leicester City 1

“I’d argue the people who said that Sven had been sacked too soon are probably beginning to feel we’ve been proved right – the problem wasn’t the manager.”

Robert Koren’s late winner meant Leicester’s spell in the top six lasted a mere 91 hours.

In this week’s podcast Mike McCarthy talks to Nick Holden about the penalty, the midfield, Matty Fryatt and the draw for the FA Cup 3rd Round.

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One Response to Podcast: Hull City 2 Leicester City 1

  1. Chris Owen says:

    it was nice to hear Nick on your podcast.
    I’m one one of those who think that Sven was sacked too soon but to be fair to Nigel he has to work with Sven’s choice of players & has only had a couple of games in which to mould them into an NP team. (Which, of course, was one of the arguments against replacing the manager in October / November.)
    I am hopeful, however, that Nigel’s team will show that it’s built of sterner stuff than was Sven’s. Time will tell.
    If so, defeats like Saturday’s will be few & far between.

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