Podcast: Leicester City 1 Peterborough United 1

“The midfield that we started with; Dyer, King, Wellens and Gallagher. It wasn’t good enough 18 months ago, what makes everybody think that it’s actually going to be better now?”

City season ticket holder Glenn Stewart joins Mike McCarthy to discuss Leicester’s first draw at home since April.

Is the honeymoon period over for Nigel Pearson? What is the answer in midfield? Your thoughts are, as always, very welcome.

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2 Responses to Podcast: Leicester City 1 Peterborough United 1

  1. john says:

    The players appeared to think the win was a formality,they seem to believe they are better than they are, but Abe better than wellens? not for me…the biggest problem for me is the players attitude,sleeves need rolling up.

  2. Stringer and co look through rose tinted specs. Never mind who did what on the pitch yesterday – the result was 1-1. I was there and Peterborough looked most likely to win it, where were all the chances that Stringer talked about I never saw them. Leicester were good at keeping the ball but no idea how to score. Posh had just as many REAL chances. Nearly half way through the season and they lie just above mid table win 1 lose 1 and draw the occasional game. the table doesn’t lie, they are proving to be an average team in this league. What’s the answer, dunno but Dyer (although tricky) has got a powder puff left foot that lacks direction. Two full backs who can’t cross a killer ball. Midfielders who lack guile and can’t spot or play a killer ball.

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