Podcast: Leicester City 1 Ipswich Town 1

Mike McCarthy looks back on another disappointing result with your tweets.

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2 Responses to Podcast: Leicester City 1 Ipswich Town 1

  1. john says:

    Well, the powers that be’s decision to dump Sven and bring Nigel in has really paid off..does anbody think if Sven was still here we would be any worse off?As for Beckford, don’t worry about him, only weak people feel pressure and he ain’t one of them, is he? The fact is, we have players who are treated like kings and play like eunucks..the lower leagues beckon for most of them…good… then they will find out when they were better off.

  2. Adam says:

    A very frustrating match and a second home game in a row where our toothlessness has cost us points. We have to expect opposition sides to be able to score once in matches we need to work out a way to score more. The match again highlighted how one dimensional we are, all our attacks come in the form of crosses from the wings, mainly from the full backs after slowish build up. The problem with this is its just too easy to defend against, sit deep, play narrow and pack the penalty box. Ipswich did this and we never looked like scoring, Nugent, Beckford and Dyer were the only ones who consistently got into the box and were up against 8 Ipswich players.

    Pearson made a tactical change at half time but didn’t have the bottle to take Beckford off and by removing Dyer he half negated the change. Instead of someone who could run directly at the Ipswich defence on the left as oppose to just cross from deep, we had Beckford who did nothing. Dyer didn’t have a great first half but Beckford was once again hopeless.

    We looked far more in control in the second half, obviously having three midfielders helped, and it allowed Wellens to come deeper where he had more space. He played far to high in the first half and this left a massive gap in the first 20 yeards of Ispwich’s half where he should have been operating. Doing this technically should either have allowed Wellens the time and space to play accurate and threatening passes, or if his opposite number followed him it would have created more space for our players closer to the Ipswich goal.

    What was good was that Bamba actually exploited this space well. Once he’d avoided his marking striker there was acres of space for him to run into and his distrbution/forward running from there was genreally effective. Abe dropped into the defence to cover him when he went forward, a fact that seemed to escape a lot of moaners in the crowd around me, which was sad, not only was Bamba being positive and effective it was also entertaining to watch him burst forward. At one point he beat the opposition left back to cross from the bye-line having started the move in our half. If we aren’t going to win we might as well have fun and Bamba is certainly fun, I’m sure he thinks he’s Yaya Toure!

    Once we equalised the draw was never in doubt but we didn’t threaten to win the match and Pearson’s final throw of the dice was the ludicrous decision to bring on Howard. He needs a better Plan B, Howard is simply not good enough for this level any more, even for 10 minute spells at the end of the match. In a league where most teams’ Plan A is a long ball up to a large forward to flick on I can’t possibly see how it can be used as a Plan B to “do something different” for the last 10 minutes, its not different, they play against it every other bleeding week!

    Pearson has some serious problems and the transfer window will make of break this season. Essentially we had a team that scored for fun last season and now we’re no where. In terms of replacements for last year only Peltier for Naughton is a step down in quality and Peltier is still a good full back for this level. The problem is most likely a mix of the expectations placed on the team and the huge influx of players in specific positions. If Sven did anything worthy of sacking it was his complete lack of focus in his signings.

    Person needs to cull some players, those on loan (Fernandes) and those past it Howard, Oakly, decide whether Beckford can do it or not, if not Billy Sharp is a good bet, and finally find out whats wrong with Wellens. Then he needs to decide on a formation, stick to it and get the players in that it needs. What we definately don’t need is a winter of buying players who’ve made a name for themselves in the first half of the season at over inflated prices and with no idea how to use them.

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