Podcast: Nottingham Forest 0 Leicester City 0

David Bevan, Editor of the Football League blog The Seventy-Two, joins Mike McCarthy to reflect on a draw in the FA Cup, the return of Aleksandar Tunchev, the possibility of new faces at the King Power Stadium…and the poznan.

Also in the podcast, your moments of 2011.

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One Response to Podcast: Nottingham Forest 0 Leicester City 0

  1. Adam says:

    Excellent podcast many thanks to both of you.

    Great to hear that Tunchev is looking impressive, he was an excellent defender prior to his injuries so its nice to have him back, especially given he has always been quite tidy on the ball, something we will need in the next month if Bamba is away. Its a shame (really a crime watching the highlights) that we couldn’t score those chances, although the match does seem to have been more lively than the ITV coverage implied and 8,000 away fans is very impressive, if Forest bring the same to us it’ll make for a great replay.

    Schlupps injury doesn’t seem to be as bad as feared but its still a few months. Its really sad as he seems quite promising but hes not really good enough for the first team at the moment. I don’t really know where all the excitement has come from not soley on his performances ( 1 league goals and 0 assists so far, I think) , to my eyes hes still just a good prospect. The fans seem to have fallen in love with him on the basis that hes not Beckford but in the last few matches I’ve seen him he hasn’t been particularly good (admitedly like most of the team) and doesn’t really look comfortable out wide on the left in our front 3. He can do the running at defenders but there is rarely an end product, defensively he doesn’t seem confident of when to come back and what to do when hes back there and he seems to wilt in the second half of matches.

    Transfer wise if we do get Sharp and Kebe/Stewart I assume its back to 4-4-2 and probably the end of Wellens’ career at Leicester which is a very sad given how integral he was last year. It will be interesting to see how Pearson plays the transfer window. Being realistic I can only see us getting promoted through the play offs and that will require a drastic improvement in perfomances. So the question is can he convince the owners to drop another 5-10mil in Jan for Championship level players just for a play off push? And if he can do it is this right, maybe we should be focusing buying players for next season and using the remaining half to blend them in and try and re-discover some kind of team identity and develop a playing style. What is worrying is that while all this buying is going on we play Southampton (A) , Middlesborough (H) and Cardiff (H), along with Brighton (A). We could quite easily get no points from those matches and have spent a lot of money on players and wages for a promotion push that is dead in the water. This may lead to disilusion amongst the owners, which would be very bad.

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