Match Preview – Ipswich Town vs Leicester City

So part one of Leicester’s (let’s put this politely) unlikely quest for six straight wins was passed with ease. It was in truth a win which had as much to do with Doncaster’s frailties as it did Leicester’s abilities, but nevertheless it was a win.

Part two sees the Foxes looking for only their second pair of back to back league wins this season. That should say all that needs to be said about the likelihood of a late surge, but the absence of an away league win in Leicester’s last four provides yet more ammunition to the doubters.

Since December the Foxes have bobbed along in the Championship table between 9th and 15th, the two spots where Leicester and Ipswich now sit. Despite being separated by just three points, the journeys of the two clubs to their respective positions couldn’t have been more different.

Ipswich started well, finding themselves in the top six by October, but no sooner had they reached the playoffs than did they succumb to seven straight defeats including three 3-2 reverses in a row. It was a run which saw the tractor boys plumet from 6th to just one place above the relegation zone.

On their day, Ipswich can be scary, January’s 5-1 win over West Ham being a particular case in point. But just as likely have Pail Jewell’s men been this season to collapse in equally spectacular fashion (7-1 defeats to Peterborough, for example).

Ipswich are unbeaten at home in eight, winning six of their last seven at Portman Road. They’ve also been keepinging things tight. Over the whole season Town’s matches have average 3.2 goals per game, the hightest in the Championship. In their last six, however, they’ve averaged only two.

But Ipswich still have the second worst defence in the division. Indeed, before Leicester put four past Doncaster it was the worst. Perhaps if Leicester put the Tractor Boys back at the bottom of that particular statistic we can start to hope, but don’t hold your breath.

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