Match Preview – Millwall vs Leicester City

Does anyone want sixth spot? It’s a question which must be in the minds of several clubs in and around the final playoff place as their clubs stagger gracelessly towards the finish line.

The form chart reads more like the bottom of the table than the top. Cardiff (one win in six) hold sixth for now ahead of Brighton (one win in six) and Middlesbrough (no wins in eight). Portsmouth, Coventry, Bristol City and Nottingham Forest have all won more games in their last six than the three teams most likely to win the final playoff spot.

Then there’s Leicester with three wins in their last six. On the back of only their second pair of back to back wins of the season, there is a new found sense of optimism. But is it deserved? This is the same group of players that crashed to 3-2 defeats at Bristol City and Watford recently, that couldn’t beat Nottingham Forest at home and who couldn’t keep it tight for another few minutes at Blackpool. Leicester’s capacity to inspire hope has, this season at least, been matched just as readily by their ability to disappoint.

The 1,300 fans who made the trip to the New Den last season know that disappointment only too well. Surely Leicester’s performance won’t be as poor as it was on their last visit, a dismal 2-0 defeat in the freezing winds of Bermondsey.

Millwall have one of the worst home records in the division. Their 2-0 win over Hull last Saturday was the club’s first home league win since Boxing Day. The Lions have won only 3 of 22 matches against sides in the top half this season. At home they’ve averaged just 0.7 points per game against sides in the top half – the worst record in the Championship.

But of course part of the reason Leicester have failed to put themselves in the top six for longer than three days this season has been their inability to win ‘winnable’ games. The Foxes have picked up just 12 points from a possible 30 away from home against sides in the bottom half.

If those stats point to anything it’s a draw, possibly the fifth goalless one at the New Den this season. Leicester are chasing three successive wins for the fist time in 14 months. But if they didn’t manage it you wouldn’t be surprised, would you?

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4 Responses to Match Preview – Millwall vs Leicester City

  1. Grey Fox says:

    I’ve been trying to remember a stat that you mentioned on the Football Forum shortly after Sven was sacked. I think it was the number of teams to have been promoted after sacking their manager during the season? Or something like that? Anyway now that it finally seems certain that we will not buck that trend, I was wondering what the actual stat was?


    • foxblogger says:

      In the last 7 seasons (it will soon be 8) only one side has won promotion from the Championship having sacked their manager during the season. That side was Sunderland, who appointed Roy Keane 28th August 2006 (five games into the season).

  2. Grey Fox says:

    Ah thanks, that’s it! Only for the last 7 seasons has this been an issue? Or does this correlation go back further? Do you know how many sackings there has been over the last 7/8 seasons? I would like to see the ratio. Is the key word ‘sacked’? What about in situations where the manager has been given another job, such as when MON came here? We went up with more than one manager then right?

  3. Grey Fox says:

    I’ve just been told the following 3 facts about Matt Mills. Can you verify any of these?

    1. The fact we have collected more points with him in the team to when we’ve not played him
    2. The fact we have conceded less with him in the starting xi
    3. The fact we have kept more clean sheets with him in the team


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