Ownership timeline – 2010-2012

Leicester City are now owned by King Power International. This a brief timeline of how that happened.

12th August 2010

UK Football Investments LLC (read: Milan Mandaric) sells 100% share holding in Leicester City to Asia Football Investments (AFI).

The club’s accounts state AFI’s beneficial owner is K Power Sports Limited and that the beneficial owner of K Power Sports Limited is Aiyawatt Raksriaksorn.

AFI holds an 80% stake in Leicester City. The holder(s) of the remaining 20% are not revealed.

19th November 2010

Leicester City reveals Cronus Sports Management (CSM) holds the remaining 20% of shares in the club. The ultimate owner of CSM is Mr Iman Arif

18th May 2011

AFI takes full control of the club, buying out CSMs 20% stake.

18th November 2011

Leicester City’s Statement of Capital confirms all ordinary and ‘A’ shares are controlled by AFI. One redeemable share in the club is held by Teachers Insurance and Annuity Assoc, the company to whom the club is making payments of £1.5m a year in regards to the stadium. As of 31st May 2011 the club still has more than £17m to pay.

18th September 2012

King Power International Company Limited (KPI) takes full control of the club from AFI. KPI too is owned by the Raksriaksorn Family and is the parent and holding company of the King Power Group.

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2 Responses to Ownership timeline – 2010-2012

  1. Muzzer says:

    Do you know if Pearsons contract is with AFI ?

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