Leicester City 6-1 Huddersfield Town: Key Numbers

When the side had managed just one goal in its last four matches I can’t imagine any punter had Leicester down to score six. If you did, many congratulations.

For the rest of us, this was a terrific start to the new year. Leicester gained a respectable seven points from 12 over the festive period. A point fewer than Hull, but a point more than Middlesbrough and two more than Crystal Palace. Cardiff however, who took a maximum four wins from four, already look out of reach.

The key numbers;

2 – Chris Wood made a dream start to his Leicester career. His brace meant he became on the fifth City player since World War Two to score twice on his league debut.

That list in full;
Tommy McDonald vs Doncaster Rovers (18th August 1956)
Tom Sweenie at Blackpool (30th November 1963)
Alan Young vs Watford (18th August 1979)
Iwan Roberts vs Wolverhampton Wanderers (27th November 1993)
Chris Wood vs Huddersfield Town (1st January 2013)

6 – This was the second time this season that the Foxes hit six in a league match. It’s something they haven’t managed to do twice in the same season since 1957/58. The next target is to score 7, something the Foxes haven’t managed in a league game since a 7-2 win over Arsenal in 1963.

21 – If the promotion race remains tight Leicester’s impressive goal difference could end up being a real advantage. At +21 it’s the best a Leicester side has managed at this level since 2002/03. That year the Foxes ended the campaign on +33.

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2 Responses to Leicester City 6-1 Huddersfield Town: Key Numbers

  1. Steve Smith says:

    Thank you for your blogs, always interesting and wishing you and the Foxes a very Happy New Year. Hope Chris Wood is on a long contract.

  2. Derek Etches says:

    Fascinating, thought provoking statistics.Not always sure how to interpret them for a match result or solving team problems but the facts are interesting and sometimes memory jogging.I have to admit to seeing Tommy McDonalds brace in 1956, first match of the season I think. Hoping your blog will have a Happy New Year. Four months to go, nearly 70 points to play for,good manager, good squad,good owners,fingers crossed!
    Aquitaine Fox

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