Match Preview: Cardiff City vs Leicester City

Cardiff City’s end of season collapse has become the stuff of legend. Many a good looking promotion attempt has been foiled by the Bluebirds’ remarkable ability to snatch agonising defeat from the seemingly inescapable jaws of victory.

Four points from four games have put Cardiff City wobble watchers on notice. Will they flop, or are they just keeping it interesting?

It hardly matters when Leicester’s season looks the far likelier to implode.

Whilst Cardiff have yet to go more than two league games without a win, Leicester could go four without victory for the third time this season. When fans talk of inconsistency, this is what they mean.

Then again, wouldn’t it be just like Leicester City to pick up only a sixth away win in this most unlikely of settings?

There are, believe it or not, some positive nuggets in City’s favour.

Whilst Cardiff’s home form over the season has been fantastic, more recently cracks have begun to appear. The Bluebirds have won just three of their last seven at home. The side has not scored three times in a match since early December and their lead at the top of the Championship has been cut to five points.

That’s pretty much it though. The Foxes, who are looking to put some distance between themselves and the ever closer competition from Nottingham Forest, Brighton and Bolton, will need to put in one of the displays of the season to bring back three points from Wales.

Making additions to the solitary goal the Foxes have scored in their last three away games would be a start.

This is a game in hand nobody really expects Leicester to win. Nigel Pearson should send out a side that plays as if it has nothing to lose.

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