Brighton & Hove Albion 1-1 Leicester City: Key Numbers

There was more frustration for Leicester’s travelling support as yet again the Foxes conceded late on. Yesterday’s match was more in the ‘must not lose’ than ‘must win’ category, but the path to the playoffs has become even more difficult thanks to that equaliser.

To make the playoffs now City will probably need more points from their last five games than they’ve won in the previous 13. To put it politely, that’s unlikely.

The key numbers

7 – Before Leicester met Peterborough in February they had yet to conceded a goal in the last five minutes of a league game. Since then Peterborough, Ipswich, Cardiff, Millwall and now Brighton have scored in the closing stages, costing the Foxes seven points. Leicester have won seven games this season by one goal. The Championship is being led by Cardiff and Hull, who have won 17 games by that margin.

19 – Nine weeks ago Bolton Wanderers were 20th, 19 points behind Leicester City who were 2nd. Today they both sit on 60 points. Tuesday’s meeting could see Bolton above Leicester in the table for the first time since September.

60 – The Foxes are just one point better off this year than they had been at this stage last season. They can no longer match the points total on the 2009/10 side which reached 5th place on 76 points on a wage bill of £14.5m.

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