Match Preview: Leicester City vs Watford

There’s little doubt about it, this is Leicester City’s biggest home match in three years.

Just how important the result will prove to be depends on your outlook. Many have put this down as a ‘must-win’, a category often overused but probably not in this instance.

A draw is only enough if you believe the following two things;

1) That Bolton will lose at Cardiff or at home to Blackpool.
2) That Leicester can get their first League win at Nottingham Forest since 1972.

If Leicester lose this one their season could mathematically be over by 5 p.m. tomorrow.

And defeat is hardly unthinkable.

Despite recent losses at Peterborough and Millwall, Watford posess the Championship’s best away record. Against the Championship’s top half they’ve won seven times on the road, losing only three.

Leicester’s defence hasn’t kept a clean sheet in 11. It must now try to keep out the Championship’s top scorers. The Hornets have scored 82 goals, 13 more than Cardiff who have the second highest tally in the division. If Leicester’s back-line offers the visitors as much time and space as Balckburn did last weekend then the floodgates could open.

But Leicester look like they have some fight left. Coming back from behind to claim points against Bolton and Crystal Palace suggests at least the Foxes will not let their season end with a wimper.

Watford’s last win here was also their first and only victory at the Walkers/King Power Stadium. Danny Webber’s late winner against a side that had been made favourites for promotion in 2004/05 showed that it would take Leicester longer than a year to get back to the Premier League. No-one thought it would take nine years. Defeat here would almost certainly confine City to a decade in the wilderness.

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