Match Preview: Leicester City vs Watford

The problem with trying to use statistics to gain insight into the playoffs is a simple one. It can’t be done.

So much from this season now counts for nothing.

Leicester City are in the playoffs having gained the lowest points total for 6th place in a 24 team second tier. Watford, 11 points better off, could already have been promoted. It means nothing.

Leicester haven’t beaten Watford this season, then again the Foxes hadn’t beaten Tranmere or Stoke on route to the 1994 and 1996 playoff finals. It means nothing.

Leicester had more shots (325) and more shots on target (242) than any other Championship side. Watford have scored more goals (85) than any other team in the division. It means nothing.

In matches involving the four playoff contenders Watford took the most points (13) and Leicester the fewest (5). It means nothing.

Leicester have taken 9 points from their last available 18, Watofrd have taken 7. It means nothing.

There are many playoff myths. The reality is these games are often decided by the team which handles the pressure best.

Leicester coped with the pressure last weekend, Watford didn’t. It’s led many pundits to conclude the Foxes are slight favourites in the tie. In all probability, it means nothing.

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